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RalaPure R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Benefits for Anti-Aging

It has been demonstrated that free radical damage is one of the leading causes of the symptoms we know as aging. As we get older, the levels of free radicals in our bodies increase, causing a decrease in the efficiency of our cells. This leads to a lack of energy, lower immune system function among other issues.

Anti-Aging and Alpha Lipoic Acid

Not coincidentally, the levels of ALA in our bodies decrease with age as the free radical activity increases. Supplementation with ALA can help reverse this process.

Dr. Tory Hagen at the UC Berkley conducted a study to verify that the free radical levels increased substantially as we age and if that condition could be reversed with supplementation of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

In his study he used 2 groups of rats, one young, and one old. It was determined that the free radical levels were much higher in the older rats. Using video cameras and computers to analyze their movements, he determined that the older rats only moved about and explored their cages one third as much as the younger rats. They were also less active in other ways, expending less energy grooming themselves, etc.

After only two weeks of ALA supplementation they saw a significant decrease in the levels of free radicals and an increase in levels of glutathione similar to those in the younger rats. ALA also wiped out the age associated increase in DNA damage to the heart, bringing levels back to those seen in young animals.

The change could be seen more dramatically in the old animals appearance and in their activity. They doubled the amount of exploring in their cages and also appeared to be otherwise more active than the animals who did not get the ALA supplementation.

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RalaPure R-Alpha Lipoic Acid