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* Burning Mouth Syndrome
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* ALA & Diabetes
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* ALA & Heart Disease
* ALA & Liver Protection
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RalaPure R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Are You Looking for the Best Price on ALA?

Since the ALA you get in stores is actually a 50/50 mixture of R-ALA and S-ALA, you would naturally assume that you would be getting twice the benefits from Pure R-ALA as you would from standard ALA. This is not correct. It has been shown in many studies that R-ALA is up to 12 times as effective as ALA. It has also been proven that the S-ALA portion can actually reduce the positive benefits of the R-ALA. This is why the pure naturally occurring R-ALA is considered by researchers and doctors to be many times as effective.

You will find companies selling large doses of the less expensive ALA. It is much more cost effective to take a smaller dose of pure R-ALA. You will not only spend less for your supplement but you will be gaining all the added benefits of the biologically active form of alpha lipoic acid without being forced to take any of the synthetic byproduct contained in the cheaper form.

Compare for yourself. You will find any of the trusted brand standard ALA products priced less than our quality pure R-ALA. Don't let the lower price fool you, if it doesn't say R-ALA, it isn't.

This is a simple explaination of why R-ALA is much more effective than ALA. If you would like to read a 20 page e-book with more details, click here.

Don't miss this new information! When buying R Alpha Lipoic Acid be sure to verify it is STABILIZED. If not, you will NOT be getting the full benefits of taking it. See pictures and information here Stabilized R Alpha Lipoic Acid ALA

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RalaPure R-Alpha Lipoic Acid