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RalaPure R-Alpha Lipoic Acid

Why did we add Biotin?

Biotin is a B vitamin, also known as B7.

Since ALA and Biotin have structural similarities, it was thought that taking ALA would reduce the effectiveness of Biotin.

A study was conducted at University of Arkansas on rats in 1997 to see if this would be the case. While the study did show that there was some possible reduction in the activity of Biotin when taking ALA, it was only at very high doses. Doses that most people would never take, and even at that, any deficiency was able to be reversed with Biotin supplementation.

A quote from the conclusion of the study stated "Even without supplemental biotin, the decreases in enzyme activities are not dramatic and would presumably not cause pathology in patients."

Because of this possibility, we have added 100mcg of Biotin to each 150mg Capsule. This is 333% current suggested daily intake of Biotin per capsule. There is no harm in taking extra Biotin so if you are already taking a multivitamin containing Biotin, you can keep taking it without any problems.

Industry Insider Secret Revealed

Because Biotin is a very inexpensive supplement, many nutrition companies have used that study to justify the very large doses of Biotin they have added to their products. Some of these products contain as much as 2500mcg of Biotin per capsule. If our 100mcg is 333% the suggested daily intake, their capsule will give you over 8000% what you need in each capsule! Now, even this dosage shouldn't be harmful, but you have to ask yourself...Why would they put that much extra in their product?...Either they don't know the proper dosage, or they want their product to seem like it is going to do more than it really is.

We don't need to resort to those marketing tactics. Our R(+) ALA is the highest grade available and we have provided an appropriate amount of Biotin. This formulation was created by a doctor and we not only sell it, we use it. The owner, and his entire family as well as the employees all take RalaPure daily. We sell it because we believe in it.

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RalaPure R-Alpha Lipoic Acid